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Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
The Needles at Sunset in the Isle of Wight
Narrows of Zion Canyon, Utah
Greater Kudu
Florida from Space
Southern Lights
Closeup of Twisted Grape Vine Tendril
Aerial of River
Natural Landscapes
River Peaks
Cornfield at Dusk
Country Road
Rocky Coast
Tuscany,Italy - Facade surrounded by clouds
Alpine Lake
Tuscany,Italy - Shutters with geraniums
World Landmarks
Vineyard at Jalon Valley
Vatican Museum
Tuscany View
Aerial of Death Valley
Narrows of Zion Canyon, Utah
Building Facade in Antwerp
Le Grance Place in Brussels
House by Hundertwasser

Urban Scenes
Aerial View of Skyscrapers
Skyline with Moon
Four Dancers Behind The Scenes 1
Three Dancers Behind The Scenes
Lake Beauty
Close-up of a Manhole
Wetland Background
Fine Art
Dancer In The Loge
Portrait Of Maurice Gangnat
Still-life With An Open Drawer
Vase With Lilacs Daisies And Anemones
Young Woman Strokes Her Hair
Sitting Peasant Woman
Garden On The Lake Of Thun
Culture and Objects
Closeup of Strings
Bird's Nest
Insects Mounted in a Display Case
Corfe Castle Ruins
Perfume Bottle
Cordoba,Spain - Tree and building
Chopsticks and Fortune Cookies
Cigarette with Long Ash

Music and Instruments
Closeup of Piano Keys
Bongo Drums
Closeup of Guitar
The Music Lesson
Girl Interrupted In Her Music
Closeup of Drumhead
Guitar Strings and Pick
Space and Astronomy
Space Image Generated by Computer Graphics
Eagle Nebula
Stellar Image
Swirling Clouds from Space
Earth from Space
Yellow Galaxy
People and Holidays
Men in Snowstorm
Battle at Sea
The Annunciation
Medieval Intrigue
Cherry Blossom with Washington Monument
Football Game
market necklaces

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