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Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Satellite View of the Northern Lights
Spiny Grass
Autumn Tree
Harbor in Maine
Time Lapse passing through Alaskan waters
Man with Rose
Natural Landscapes
Wooden Bars
Dandelion Seeds
Autumn Leaf Changes
Rows Of Stacks In Stone Ruins
Barren Tree Silhouette
Corinth Canal
Curvy Red Blur
World Landmarks
Senate Square in Helsinki
Barge on the Mississippi
Taxi Blur
Ship in the Water in Oslo
Statue of Abraham Lincoln
Detail of the Leaning Tower at Pisa
Honolulu Cityscape

Urban Scenes
American Flag against Skyscraper
Desert River
Cocktails with Sports Car
Dry Desert
Fine Art
Gardenpath In Mezy
Warming Up
Mountains In Provence
View Of Arles With Irises
Portrait Of Paul Durand Ruel
Madame Charpentier And Her Children
Four Dancers Behind The Scenes 2
Castle Chamber At Attersee II
Culture and Objects
Datura Flower
Guitar Strings and Pick
Nautilus Shell
Spilling Pills
Cigarette Butt
Ladder in the Shadows
Scots Kilt Decoration

Music and Instruments
Closeup of Strings
The Music Lesson
Musical Notes
Closeup of Guitar
Guitar Strings and Pick
Space and Astronomy
space station over earth
STS Challenger EVA
Satellite View of a Strait on Earth
Comet Halley crossing the Milky Way
Lunar Module on the Moon
Dust Plume over the Red Sea
Buzz Aldrin Stepping on Lunar Surface
Space Station Mir over the Pacific
People and Holidays
The Supper of St. Gregory the Great
Nurse with Soldier and Sailor
Paper Dolls
People Deboarding Rhine Falls Tourist Boat
Girls Having a Snowball Fight
Celebration on Water
The Chess Game

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