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Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Leaf Abstract
Olympic Mountains
Hamadryas Baboon
Aerial View of Island
Changing Forest
Natural Landscapes
People Walking Through Park in New York
Hilly Road
Bay on Ionian Sea
South France - Barrels under a roof
Sand Dune
Misty Desert
World Landmarks
Catherine Palace Gates
Chateau Chenonceaux -- Loire Valley, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Russian Apartment Buildings
Kids Wash Clothes in River
Tomb of Mohammed Bin Ali
Dirt Road and Homes at Sunset
Alexander Column

Urban Scenes
Cloudy Hills
Blur of Traffic Congestion
Mountain Reflection
Brick Street Detail
Dancers In Pink Between The Scenes
Lilypad Background
Fine Art
Entrance To The Public Park In Arles
Youthful Self-portrait
Madame Charpentier And Her Children
Canal With Women Washing
Woman In Yellow
14 July
Culture and Objects
Rain Drops
Stained Glass
Cigarette with Long Ash
Shark's Tooth
Toy Canon
Goldfish in Bowl
Formal Accessories

Music and Instruments
The Music Lesson
Bongo Drums
Electric Guitar and Blurred Fingers
Guitar Strings and Pick
Closeup of Drumhead
Closeup of Guitar
Space and Astronomy
Nebula in Cygnus
Earth from Space
The Sun
Earth from Space
Space Image Generated by Computer Graphics
Galaxy and Stars
Satellite Orbiting the Earth
People and Holidays
Awaiting Train at DC Metro Station
Policeman and Driver
Woman and Girl with Apple
Love Among Rocks
Couple canoeing
Battle at Sea
Farther Shot of Children in a Tree

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