Jigsaw Puzzles: Frequentyly Asked Questions

Check out this video about how to play the Jigsaw Puzzles.

Q: What do I need to play the jigsaw puzzle game?

A: You need a modern Web browser, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Older browsers may work, but make sure you have the latest browsers for the best performance.

Q: Where do the images come from?

A: Most of the jigsaw puzzle images come from licensed royalty-free image collections.

Q: Can I submit my own images to be featured on the site?

A: No. We'd love to be able to feature your images, but it would be too difficult to research and confirm copyright on submitted images. If you want to turn your photo into a jigsaw puzzle, see the next two questions.

Q: Can I make a jigsaw puzzle from my own picture?

A: Yes, you canselect an image from your computer to use in a jigsaw puzzle. The image will not be saved on our server, but used only to create a jigsaw puzzle for a one-time use by you. Go to our make your own jigsaw puzzle page and select "Upload a File From Your Computer."

Q: Can I make a jigsaw puzzle from my picture and show it to my friends?

A: Yes. But you must find a place to host the image file on the net. You could place it on a site like Flickr, or your own Web space. Then, go to our make your own jigsaw puzzle page and select "Use a File From Another Web Site." When the puzzle appears, you will be given a link to send to your friends.

Q: How can I fit the entire puzzle play area on my screen?

A: The game adjusts to the size of your browser window. For the best results, expand your browser window to use your full screen.

Q: Can I enlarge the puzzle picture?

A: Yes. Size is one of the options you can choose before you start.

Q: Can I adjust the shape of the pieces?

A: Yes. There is a SHAPE option just just before you start the game.

Q: Can I change the background?

A: Yes. While playing, you can click on the OPTIONS tab to the upper right. Then you can select a different background pattern and color.

Q: Can I adjust the edges of the pieces?

A: Yes. Look for the Edges options before you start the game.

Q: Can I view the picture while playing the game?

A: Yes. In the OPTIONS, choose "Look At Picture" and a small, movable window will appear with the picture.

Q: What if I don't like today's featured puzzle?

A: You can choose any picture you want to play. Use some of the suggestions to the right side of the main page or use the search page to find a puzzle you might like.

Q: I missed yesterday's featured puzzle. How can I find it?

A: On the main page the last week's worth of featured puzzles are shown at the bottom. You can also view the calendar page to see the last 30 days.

Q: How do I save a puzzle I am working on so I can return and finish it later?

A: When you are in the middle of a puzzle, you can save your progress by clicking on the Options control to reveal the options buttons. Then find and click the Save and Exit button. You can then return later to finish the puzzle. To resume, click the Continue Previous Game button next to the Start Game button

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