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Girl with Umbrella

Boy on the Beach

Couple canoeing

American Flag

George Washington at Valley Forge

African Elephant

African Elephant


African Elephant

Bull African Elephant

Riding an Elephant

American Flag against Skyscraper

Eagle Flying

African Crowned Crane

African Elephant

Elephant in Walking

Dirt Road and Homes at Sunset

Boy Wades in Rocky Stream with Trees and Sunset

Kids Wash Clothes in River

Cacti as the Sun Goes Down

Child Sitting on a Rock Near Village in Kenya

Yosemite Falls CA

Rosedown Plantation LA

Covered bridge ME

Cowboys driving cattle MT

Vietnam Memorial Washington, DC

Cliff dwellings Arizona Montezuma Castle National Monument

Cypress swamp detail Louisiana

Falls on Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

Stream in Zion National Park Utah

Porch with the American Flag Flying

Pencil Sketch of a Woman

Flag At Capitol Building

Lunar Module on the Moon


Brand New Car


Winding up for the Pitch

Man on Horseback

Couple in Coats

Flying Machine

Ride It Cowboy

Woman at Graduation

Men in Snowstorm

American Alligator

Man Overlooking Ravine

Couple Overlooking the Sea

The Kickoff

Car in the Woods

Students Walking in Windy Weather

Woman with Blue Eyes

Policeman and Driver

Pump Boy with Hose

Not Going Down with the Ship

Warming Up


Ulysses S Grant

Couple Hugging

Boy Eating his Breakfast

Avenue Traffic

American Alligator

American Alligator

Couple Driving

Woman Camping


Paper Boy Doll

Horseback Riding

Making the Catch

Convertible Parked Outside Townhouse

Driving at the Coast

Nurse with Soldier and Sailer and Flag

Girl in Garden with Dog

The Battle of Chippewa

Landing the Airplane

International Children

Electric Outlet

Willaim T Sherman

Mother Teaching Her Daughter to Read

Woman with Her Dog

Woman Throwing Snowballs

Sailing in August

Giving a Greeting

The Builder

Boy and Girl

Farmer Tilling the Land

Woman driving Buggy


Football Game

Couple Sitting by a Stream

Celebration on Water

Couple at Dinner

Cowboy on a Horse Drinking Water

In the Woods

Fourth of July

Scientist in Laboratory

Drive in the Mountains

Couple in Rowboat



Woman Reading a Book


Girl with Prunes

Dreamy Woman

Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

At the Beach

Woman Hunting

Fourth of July


Woman Waiting

Nurse with Soldier and Sailor


Woman with Red Cape

Woman with a Suitcase

Hunting with Dog

Cowboy of the West

Couple Hanging Flag



Boy on a Bicycle

Boy Fishing in the Rain

Couple in Garden

Adobe House in Santa Fe


Bon Voyage

Family Around the Oil Heater

Girls Having a Snowball Fight


Woman with Hatbox and Dog


The Living Room

Cliff Palace, Colorado

Fashionable Women

Bathing Beauty in Her Bathing Dress

Sketch of a Woman in Her Evening Gown

Woman at Her Toilette

Posing Athlete

Fortune Cookie

What Time Is It?

Buffalo at Yellowstone National Park

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