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The Guitarist Pagans And Monsieur Degas


Three Dancers

The Violinist

Dancers 1

Dancers 2

Dancers At The Bar

The Milliner 2

The Milliner 1

End Of The Arabesque

Four Dancers

The Amateur




Weigh Out

Before The Mirror

Dancer 1

Two Girls


Two Dancers


Dancer 2

Dancer At The Bar

Prima Ballerina

Study Of Violinist

Mary Cassatt With Her Dog

Still Life With Lizard

Stage Trial

Woman At The Window

Sitting Dancer With The Right Leg Up

Seated Woman

Russian Dancers

Riders In The Landscape

Men's Riders Before The Start

Rider With Red Jacket

Two Cleaning Women

Woman Ironing

The Greens Dancers

Three Dancers Behind The Scenes

Theater Loge

Two Washer Women

The Singer With The Glove

Two Dancers Behind The Scenes

Two Dancers On A Bank

The Fashion Shop

The Dancer At The Photographer

The Dance Hall

The Dance Class

The Curtain Falls

The Cotton Exchange

Lake And Mountains

Ballet, From A Box View

Dancers In The Foyer

Dancers In The Landscape

Four Dancers Behind The Scenes 1

Four Dancers Behind The Scenes 2

Four Studies Of Jockeys

Gentlemen's Race

Portrait Of A Lady

Hand Study

Dancers In Green

Dancers In Blue

Beach At Low Tide

Combing Hair

Dance With Bouquet

Dancer Being Photographed

Dancer Bent Over

Dancer In The Loge

Ballet Dancers

Dancers Behind A Backdrop

Harlequin And Columbine

Houses On Cliffs Above A Bay

Cotton Exchange

Horse Race Before The Start

Dancers In Pink Between The Scenes

Portrait Of Ellen Andre

Portrait Of Diego Martelli

In Concert Cafe - The Songs Of The Dog

Dancer In Step Position

Mme Henri Rouart Before A Statue

Three Dancers In A Practice Room

In Concert Cafe (Les Ambassadeurs)

Portait Of The Bellelli Family

In The Tuileries - Woman With Parasol

Coastal Strip At Sunset

Before The Start (Jockeis During Training)

Two Women Washing Horses

Jockeys In Front Of The Grandstand

Portrait Of Henri Valpincon

Portrait Of Madame Lisle

Horse Racing -The Training

Portrait Of A Young Lady

Small Girls On The Beach

Dancer Slipping On Her Shoe

Four Dancers In Half Figure

Portrait Of Mademoiselle Dobigny

Female Combing Hair

Dancers Lace Their Shoes

Sitting Dancer Lacing Her Slipper

Sitting Dancer With Extended Left Leg

Dress Rehearsal Of The Ballet On The Stage

Hall Of The Opera Ballet In The Rue Peletier

During The Dance Lessons - Madame Cardinal

Miss Lala In Circus Fernando

Portrait Of Count Lepic And His Daughters

Portrait Of Rosa Adelaida Morbilli

Dancer With A Bouquet Of Flowers (The Star Of The Ballet)

Sitting Dancer In Profile With Hand On Her Neck

Jockey Forward Flexed Standing In The Saddle

Portrait Of Miss Cassatt, Holding The Cards

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