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La Grenouillare

Battle Detail

The Seine At Chatou (Detail)

Gabrielle With Jewels, Detail

The Place Clichy (Detail)

The Drunken Silenus, Detail

Children In The Afternoon In Wargemont (Detail)

Lunch On The Boat Party, Detail

The Ball In The Moulin De La Galette (detail)

Cypress swamp detail Louisiana

Dogon Detail

Detail Bayon Face Cambodia

Portrait Of Charles I, King Of England, Detail [2]

Antique Compass

Construction Detail with Sun

Brick Street Detail

Datura Flower

Close-up of a Manhole

Rain Drops

Dry Brush

Detail of a Carousel

Apartment Building Windows

Satellite View of a Crater on the Moon

Brick Building with Fire Escape

Detail of Gate in Copenhagen

Statue on Cathedral at Milan

Yellow House


Guard's Leg


Bamboo Skin

Fountain Detail

Detail of Door

Porch with the American Flag Flying

Portrait Of Sir Endimion Porter And Self-portrait, Detail

Neptune Galleon

Zebra Detail

Leaf Abstract

Northern Hemisphere of Saturn

Abstract Cabbage

Detail of a Cruise Ship

Indian Rhubarb in Autumn

Electric Plug

Saturn's Rings

Saturn's Rings

Seltzer Bottle Detail

Detail of Wrapped Gift

Saturn's Rings

Airplane Flying Past the Jefferson Memorial

Catherine Palace Gates

Mechanical Pencils

Plate Edges



Detail of Rotary Dial Phone

Detail of Fresco in the Hall of Venus

Belozersky Palace

Gateway Arch in St, Louis, Missouri

Fountain in Versailles

Bristlecone Pine

Detail of the Leaning Tower at Pisa

Willow Buds

Taiga Floor

Wet Feather

Fall Leaves

Detail of the Painting The Vow: A Mother

Grouping Of Trees In A Desert

Stone Ruins, Rock Walls, Archways

Rows Of Stacks In Stone Ruins

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