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Tiananmen Square

Fruit in Market Bali

Pool in Gardens Bali

Steep Terraces Bali

Harvesting Rice Java

Fish Ponds Java Zooms

Cotswold sheep

Orangutan Mother and Baby Borneo

Aitutaki Curved palm tree

Battle Abbey tilt

Gothic church interior France

Lion in Forbidden City China

School Children Climb Steps China

Temple Framed in Leaves Cambodia

Canoes and Auyantepui Tepui Venezuela

Chiles Myanmar Market

Detail Bayon Face Cambodia

Evening view Sydney Australia

Copies of Buried Soldiers China

Boat enters cave Vietnam

Evening skyline Bangkok Thailand

Descending steep stair Thailand

Small bridge Mostar 1 Bosnia

Fountain Riquewihr Alsace France

Large head of Buddha Thailand

Two gondolas by Grand Canal Venice

Longtail boat on canal Thailand

Bridge and Neretva river Bosnia

Base of Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Loire River at Blois France

Burgundy food market France

Bhaktapur Royal Square Nepal

Cainama Falls and Tepuis Venezuela

Bridge from water level Bosnia

Sand and mulga trees Australia

Carribbean at Tulum Mexico

Huaqing Hot Springs China

Market Myanmar

Looking Up Giants Causeway Ireland

Embroidered fabrics Laos

Farm house Vietnam

Gondola and reflections Venice

Moustiers-Ste.-Marie Provence

Bridge and temple Hue Vietnam

Barossa Cemetary Australia

Boat goes under bridge Venice

Murray River Australia

Curving canal Venice

Bikes Bhaktapur Nepal

Small Canal Venice

Shaman Rock Russia

Farmers market Vietnam

Ait Bendhaddou Zooms Out Morocco

Harvesting Wheat Morocco

Da Nang museum Vietnam

Mayan Chichen Itza Castillo

Buddha head in banyon roots Thailand

Coastline of Trees

Driving Cattle Namibia South Africa

Full view Treasury Petra Middle East

Boat and Villagers South Africa

Stairs and Vista Great Wall China

Tblisi church and walls Republic of Georgia

Bath interior Marienbad Central Europe

Beach blue water Puerto Rico

Bethesda ruins Jerusalem Middle East

Black Sea and palms Republic of Georgia

Black Sea at Batumi Republic of Georgia

Temple in Armenia Middle East

Drying hay Austria Central Europe

Closeup of Columns of Palau Nacional (National Palace

Dzhvari Republic of Georgia

Adapter Plugs

Postage Stamps

Spanish Town on Hillside Cliff Near Ocean

International Children

Resort with rail car pan Trans Siberian Railroad

Boarding train Trans Siberian Railroad

International Conference Center in Berlin

Mist in the Falls

Bottom of Waterfalls Through Trees

Tourboat at Base of Falls

Locks Opening for Cruise Ship

Tourists Watching Cruise Ship Approach Canal Lock

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