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Key, Feather and a Clock Face in an Old Metal Box

Datura Flower

Mexican Skeleton Figurines Playing Instruments


Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette Lighter Lit

Antique Camera

Doll Hand Holding a Marble

Red Antique Toy Car



Book Tied with a Piece of Fabric

Artist's Figure and an Hourglass

Lay Figure on Top of an Hourglass


Flint Arrow Head

Closeup of Piano Keys

Antique Goggles

Firecracker Bundle

Ladder in the Shadows

Antique Pistol

Glass Paperweight

Artist's Figure and an Hourglass

Wooden Pinocchio Figurine

Antique Stereoscope

Asian Calligraphy

Closeup of Guitar


Artist's Figure Sitting on an Hourglass

Floating Hat in Green Mist

Antique Jack-in-the-Box


Pocket Watch

Toy Airplane


Wooden Pinocchio

Closeup of Strings

Antique Toy Racing Car

Antique Binoculars

Shed in Vermont

Toy Canon

Bottle Rockets

Clown Doll

Apartment Building Windows

Closeup of Guitar

Closeup of Jewels

Baby Doll's Head

Detail of a Carousel



Toy Dump Truck


Artist's Figure Climbing a Ladder

Montage on Building Wall

Sun Carving

House in Lisbon

Star-Shaped Lantern


Old Photographs in a Picture Frame

Stained Glass Window

Makeup and Brushes

Medieval Intrigue

Clock in Italy

Yellow House

Bulldog Figurine

Building Reflections

Brick Building with Fire Escape

Jewelry Box

Street in Andalusia

Door and Window in Italy

Reading Boy

Detail of Door

House and Sign

Salzburg, Austria

Flowerpot and Dried Corn

Skeleton Key

Closeup of Violin

Violin Closeup

Chess Pieces

Cape Hatteras Beach

Porch with the American Flag Flying

Bad Girl and Dog

Crowd of Children with Newspapers

Toddler Driving a Car

Geneva at Night

Apartment Building with Shutters


Book of Matches

Bundled Baby

Shutters and Rusty Staircase

Girl on Couch

Park Bench in France

House by Hundertwasser

Musical Notes

Colored Pencils

Portrait of Giuliano de' Medici

Tap Shoes

Camden, Maine

Man with Gun and Candle

Dogsledding in Norway

Russian Apartment Buildings

Detail of Coat of Arms


Girl in Beret


Pen and Stationery

Two Women


Preparing for Attack

Woman Keeping Vigil

Mother Removing Socks

Scots Kilt Decoration

Closeup of Rose on Piano Keys

Water Down the Drain

Boy Feeding the Birds

Flowerpot in Window

Girl Sitting on Steps Knitting

Boy and Jug

Antique Pocket Watch

Antique Alarm Clock

Electric Guitar and Blurred Fingers

The Ford





Pen and Envelope

Alarm Clock

Electric Plug

A Princess

The Dog Catcher is Coming

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil


Chateau and Reflection

White Suit and Hat

Adapter Plugs

Headphones and CD

Mechanical Pencils

Window Boxes

Bag of Groceries

Girl with Umbrella

Note on Answering Machine


Cigar in Ashtray


The Bandsmen

Ferris Wheel, King County Fair, Washington

Portrait of a Seated Elderly Man

Happy Audience

The Farewell of the Conscripts for the War of 1866

Family in the Yard

Woman by Blooming Tree

Having a Christmas Peek


CD and Case

Paper Puppets

Moulin Rouge at Night

Perfume Bottle


Rubber Duck

Detail of Wrapped Gift

Dutch Girl with Umbrella


Girl on the Hill

Cigarette with Long Ash

Closeup of Drumhead

Girl being Photographed

Boy on the Beach



Japanese Boy with Drum

Man with Rose

Ring of Kids Around the Woman

Playing with Soap Blocks

Girl with Hat Box

Burning Candle

Perfume Bottle

Toothbrushes in a Glass

Night, Horse, Man, Women

Lipstick Tubes

Beethoven Statue at Munster Platz

Making a Polar Bear from Snow

Girl at Fountain

Cigarette Burning in Ashtray

Girls in the Archway

Galleria Vittono Emanuelle

Mechanical Pencils

Paper Dolls

Japanese Girl with Umbrella

Bathtub Faucet

Scissors Shadow

Toothpaste in Drain

Castle on the Rocks

Boy with the Walking Stick

Woman with Hand over Heart

Formal Accessories

Girl and The Butterflies

Child Shoveling Snow


Girl at Piano

Blowing Bubbles

Portrait of Giovanni Benedetto Caravaggi

Federico II of Montefeltro

Thanksgiving Kids

International Children

Upset Boy

Girl with Orange

Electric Outlet

Girl with Candle

Family at the Beach

Declaration of Love

Apartments in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Child and Toy Soldier

Duck Biting Boy

Musical Instruments

Prince Vittorio Emanuele

Portrait of a Woman

Girl Smelling Flower

Vase of Flowers with Ring and Diamonds

Portrait of a Girl

Mother and Son at Christmas

Love Among Rocks

Villandry Chateau


Winter Walk

Dutch Girls Sewing

Jewish Cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic

Message in a Bottle

Cigarette Butt

Detail of Rotary Dial Phone

Handicapped Boy with Friend

Girl Painting

The Kiss

Courtly Dance

Profile of Woman

Portrait of the Painter's Wife

Children with Apple Basket

Hat on Stand

Phone off the Receiver

Man with Bowler in London

Coffee, Lipstick, Remote Control, Table

Courtly Love


Masquerade Love


Broken Piggy Bank

Schonebrunn Palace

Family on a Boat

Glasses on an Open Book

Bottom of Shoe

Portrait of a Magistrate

The Chess Game

Girl on the Beach

The Old Sculptors Studio

Woman with Dreamy Look

Girl Spying a Spider Web

Mother Feeding Daughter

The Antique Dealer

Girl Watching Birds Eat Her Porridge

Children Eating Apples

Mexican Children Riding Mule

Child with Orange

Dutch Girls

Money Stuffed in Mattress

Coffee and Laptop Computer

Houses in Jodhpur, India

The Pointing

Old Quarters in Hanoi, Vietnam

Red Wine and Laptop Keyboard

Mother and Child at Night

Portrait of Pace Rivola Spini

Woman and Girl with Apple

Mother Reading to Children

The Burial

Child in the Garden

Girl on the Beach

Robin Hood in the Forest

King Glaring Down Upon Woman

All This

Princess on Horseback

Cigarette and Glass of Wine

Girl Gardening

Girl Smelling Flowers

Boy Sleeping Under Christmas Tree

Piggy Bank

Paper Dolls

The Young King

Guitar Strings and Pick

The Reception in the Villa Bagnoli

Love and the Slaying of the Beast

Tristan and Isolde

Portrait of a Young Woman

Renaissance Garden of Lovers

Japanese Mother and Child

Girl in a Mexican Garden

Death Leading the Way

Young Child Reading

Girls Dancing

Girl and Kite

Knight with Children on Horseback

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Man Killing Lion

Piazza Della Loggia Under the Snow

Allegorical Tomb of John Churchill

Mother Reading to Children

A Queens Deathbed

Man and Woman on Horseback

Tennis Shoes

Portrait of a Woman in Black

Knight and Woman

Kids on the Beach

Woman with Lilies

Alley in Greece

Listening to Music

Japanese Mother and Daughter

Queen with Prince

Castle Ruins

Light bulb

Light Bulb

Detail of the Painting The Vow: A Mother

River Market in Thailand

Chateau Chenonceaux -- Loire Valley, France

Ornate Clocks, Prague

Oxford Street at Christmas

Dish Detergent

Alpine Autumn

Farther Shot of Children in a Tree

Street Traffic in Copenhagen Denmark

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