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Man Gazing at Mermaid

Castle on the Rocks

Child and Toy Soldier

Woman with Paper and Quill

Courtly Love


The Pointing

The Burial

Robin Hood in the Forest

The Face in the Wind


Ship Adrift

Pirate with Treasure

The Young King

Attack on Galleon

Love and the Slaying of the Beast

Death Leading the Way

Pan in the Woods

Dance with Death

Man Killing Lion

Arabian Nights

Vampire Attack


Knight and Woman

Woman Sitting on Mountain Peak

Angel of Carnival

Allegory of Earth and Moon

Castle Ruins

Battle at Sea

Scrooge and Marley

Child's Christmas Vision

Walking the Plank

Apples on Tree

Medieval Intrigue

Man with Gun and Candle

Neptune Galleon

Two Women

Preparing for Attack

Woman Keeping Vigil

Hand of Cerne Abbas Giant

Elf in Bed

A Princess

Woman by Blooming Tree

Galleon on Fire

Man with Rose


Piazza Navona

Children and the Strange Twins

Statue of Eros


Night, Horse, Man, Women

Woman with Hand over Heart

The Day

The Taj Mahal

Riding an Elephant

Declaration of Love

George Washington at Valley Forge

Love Among Rocks

Silhouettes Watching Fantasy Characters

Courtly Dance


Allegory of Spring

Wishbones Talking to Children

Nutman Opening Tree Door

Detail of Fresco in the Hall of Venus

Ghostly Appearance

Kids in Nut Car and Strange Beast

Masquerade Love

Sasquatch Crossing Road Sign

Vision of Woman on Horseback

The Rape of Ganymede

Woman with Dreamy Look

The Granting of Wishes

Age of Exploration

Grazing Sheep

Princess on Horseback

All This

King Glaring Down Upon Woman

Running Tools

Kids Talking to Giant

Tristan and Isolde

The Toilet of Venus

Girl and the Pond Sprites

Knight with Children on Horseback

Little Red Riding Hood

Girl and Nature Spirit

A Queens Deathbed

Children Riding Giraffes to the Moon

Man and Woman on Horseback

Kids Riding Metal Giraffe

Path through Trees

Woman with Lilies

Cherub and the Hares

The Queen of Sheba

Queen with Prince

Kids Riding with a Witch

The Jesters Vision of Virgin Mary

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