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Piazza Della Loggia Under the Snow

Looking Down at Times Square in New York

Traffic on Busy Times Square Street

Tiananmen Square

New York City Times Square


Starfish on Sand

Pile of Dice

Bird's Nest

Rubber Band Ball

Bhaktapur Royal Square Nepal

Gold Buddha

Wooden Pinocchio Figurine

Rubber Band Ball

Earth from Space

Satellite Over Earth

Egyptian Dog Carving

Earth's Moon

Rusty and Bent Sunglasses

Virgin Mary Figurine


Planet Surface

The Sun

Pillars of Gas

Red Planet

Shark's Tooth

Satellite View of a Crater on the Moon


Starlight Glow

Venus Under False Color

Red Kangaroo

Australian Emu

Satellite Image of Earth

Satellite Reflection







Fountain in a Square


Aerial View of a Coastline from Space

Antenna in Space

Earth from Space

Yellow Galaxy

Ice from Space


Satellite Image of Earth

Bundled Baby

Earth from Space

Lunar Module on the Moon

Mule Deer

Red Kangaroo

Astronaut over Earth


Arabian Camel

Red Kangaroo

Astronauts Repairing Spacecraft

Earth From Space


Boy and Jug

Mountain Lion

Antique Pocket Watch

Clouds from Space

Space Module Ejecting from the Space Shuttle

Satellite Image of Northern Ecuador Volcanoes

Arabian Camel

Satellite Image of the Eye of a Hurricane

Earth from Space

Saturn's Rings


White Suit and Hat

The Earth

Postage Stamps

Lion Cub

Stellar Image

Thunderstorm from Space

Senate Square in Helsinki

Trafalgar Square at Dusk

Girl being Photographed

Japanese Boy with Drum

Apollo 12

Swirling Clouds from Space

Astronaut Repairing the Hubble Space Telescope

Swirl of Clouds over the Earth

Space Shuttle Orbiting the Earth

African Elephant

Storm Clouds over Earth

Egg Nebula


Boardwalk at Coney Island

Clouds over the Ocean

Florida from Space

Astronaut Floating Outside the Space Shuttle

Weather Patterns over Earth

Dawn over the Atlantic Ocean

Space Shuttle in Space


Drive in the Mountains

Swirling Hurricane Clouds Over Earth

Satellite Image of the Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Winter Walk

Satellite View of Lake Pukaki in New Zealand

Sketch for the Fresco of St. Ignatius


Dust Plume over the Red Sea

Astronaut and the Space Shuttle and Earth Below

Satellite Image of a Coastline

Image of Earth Generated by Computer Graphics

Tristan and Isolde

Love and the Slaying of the Beast

Girl in a Mexican Garden

Thunderstorm Clouds over the Indian Ocean

Satellite Image of The Florida Strait

Satellite View of the Mouth of the Ganges River

Satellite Image of Hurricane Andrew

Japanese Mother and Daughter

Historical Museum on Red Square

Eileen Donan Castle

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