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Too Soon

In The Sun

The End

How Happy I Would Be With Both


On The Thames

The Farewell

A Dandy

Portrait Of Mme. L.L.




The Thames

The Last Evening

The Seller

Without Aussteuer

A Widow



The Widower



The Sporting Women

The Messages Read

The Captain And His Girl

William Eglington

Visitors In London

The Circle Of The Rue Royale

The Daughter Of The Warrior

The Elder Strauss

The Letter L With Hats

The Shooting Range

The Women In The Cars

The Fashionable Woman

The Gallery Of The H.M.S. Calcutta

The Return Of The Prodigal Son

A Tedious History

Entry To The Yacht


A Young Woman With A Fan

On The Ferry Waiting 1

On The Ferry Waiting 2

The Daughter Of The Master

Ball On Board

Richmond On The Thames

Bad News (The Separation)

An Interesting Story

The Women Of The Artist

A Story Read

A Storm Moves Over

Farewell To The Mersey

A Young Woman In A Boat

Faust And Marguerite In The Garden

The Return March In The Tuileries

Return Of The Boat Trip

Wall Portrait Of A Driver

Room With A Glance From The Port

Portrait Of Kathleen Newton

Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

Young Women With Japanese Goods

Nehemiah Sees The Rubble In Jerusalem

The Prodigal Son In Modern Life - The Return

The Prodigal Son In Modern Life- The Farewell

A Young Woman Holds Japanese Goods

The Prodigal Son In Modern Life - In Foreign Countries

The Prodigal Son In Modern Life- The Fattened Calf

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