Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Snowy Cliff
Red Kangaroo
Deciduous Forest
Cornfield at Dusk
Translucent Trees
Meadow Road
Hermit Crab
Sleeping Arctic Fox
Natural Landscapes
Cypress swamp detail Louisiana
Sand Dune
Tuscany,Italy - Window in wall
Red Natural Rock Archway
Small Town Waterfront on Ionian Sea
Rocky Cliff
Northern Coast
World Landmarks
Yellow House
Phoenix at Night
Street in Andalusia
Androscoggin River in Autumn
View Through Arches of Parliament
Skyline of Dallas at Dusk
Road in Ohio
Custer Battlefield, Montana

Urban Scenes
Stone Ruins, Rock Walls, Archways
Peaceful Reflection
Brick Building with Fire Escape
Brick Street Detail
Architecture Details
Desert Tree
Four Dancers Behind The Scenes 1
Fine Art
Street And Road In Auvers
Hover Above The Abyss
Self-Portrait With Dark Felt Hat At The Easel
On The Beach
Clock And Bottle. Jerez De La Frontera
Mother With Two Children
A Little Coaxing
Culture and Objects
Violin Closeup
Adapter Plugs
Brick Street Detail
Christmas Gifts
Antique Alarm Clock
Broken Piggy Bank
Floating Hat in Green Mist

Music and Instruments
The Music Lesson
Violin Closeup
Musical Notes
Japanese Boy with Drum
Headphones and CD
Closeup of Strings
Girl at Piano
Space and Astronomy
Stellar Image
Satellite View of the Mouth of the Ganges River
Constellation Image Generated by Computer Graphics
Meteorite Streak Running Through the Milky Way
Thunderstorm Clouds over the Indian Ocean
A Star
Space Station Over Earth
Volcanic Eruption on Io
People and Holidays
Declaration of Love
The Bandsmen
The Ford
Ring of Kids Around the Woman
Knight and Woman
Dutch Girls
Couple Sitting by a Stream
Robin Hood in the Forest

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