Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Plant Growing in Dry Dirt
Desert Sunset
Yellowstone Falls
Barren Tree Silhouette
Sugar cane and live oak tree
Sunset over the Ocean
Tiger in Winter
Natural Landscapes
Very Blue Water
Autumn Forest
South France - Two trees in vineyard
River Canyon
Sunset Canyon
Sand Dune
Desert Sunset
World Landmarks
Point Lobos, California
Cityscape of Tucson, Arizona
Aerial of Milwaukee
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Cincinnati Skyline at Dusk
Handmade Road Sign
St. Isaacs Cathedral

Urban Scenes
Stone Ruins, Rock Walls, Archways
Desert Tree
Olympic Mountains
Businesswoman Entering a Building
Lake in Desert
Desert Sunrise
Barren Rock
Fine Art
Jane Avril Checking A Print Sample
Portrait Of Richard Wagner
Portrait Of Madame Lisle
Two Girls In Black
Chestnut Avenue In La Celle-Saint-Cloud
Dancers 2
The Pool
Mother Washing The Tired Child
Culture and Objects
Rusty and Bent Sunglasses
Man's Hand Holding a Wishbone
Pocket Watch
Datura Flower
Pen and Envelope
Blur of Traffic Congestion
Antique Pistol

Music and Instruments
Closeup of Drumhead
Closeup of Rose on Piano Keys
Musical Notes
Ebony and Ivory
Electric Guitar and Blurred Fingers
Closeup of Violin
Space and Astronomy
Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Antenna in Space
Space Shuttle Endeavour in Flight
Earth from Space
Hubble Space Telescope Over the Earth
Mir space station
Space Station Over Earth
People and Holidays
Students Walking in Windy Weather
Balboa Park
The Bandsmen
Crowd of People at Grand Central Station
Mother Teaching Her Daughter to Read
Japanese Mother and Child
The Riot in the Galleria
Fashionable Women

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