Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Autumn Leaf Changes
Breaking Waves
North Cascades
Sun and Storm Clouds over Earth
Cold Wilderness
Majestic Landscape
Natural Landscapes
Sunset Canyon
Leafy Vines
Falls on Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Very Blue Water
Forest Leaves
World Landmarks
Pier at Santa Cruz, California
Ornate Clocks, Prague
Monument in Jamestown, Virginia
Antelope Valley, California
Statue on Cathedral at Milan
Custer Battlefield, Montana
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
The Admiralty

Urban Scenes
Desert Beauty
Close-up of a Manhole
Blur of Traffic Congestion
Wetland Background
Three Dancers Behind The Scenes
Cocktails with Sports Car
River Wilderness
Fine Art
Three Dancers Behind The Scenes
Wivenhoe Park
The Pool
Child On Lap
Alfred Sisley
The Red Roofs
Drunken Silenus
Culture and Objects
Broken Piggy Bank
Artist's Figure Sitting on an Hourglass
Antique Stereoscope
American Flag against Skyscraper
Close-Up of a Kitchen Timer
Note on Answering Machine
Corfe Castle Ruins

Music and Instruments
Closeup of Strings
Japanese Boy with Drum
Musical Notes
Closeup of Rose on Piano Keys
Closeup of Violin
Violin Closeup
Closeup of Guitar
Space and Astronomy
Space Image Generated by Computer Graphics
Painting of a Space Station Above Earth
Great Nebula in Orion
Planet Earth
Egg Nebula
Florida from Space
Space Station Mir over the Pacific
People and Holidays
Top of Library of Celsus
The Battle of Chippewa
The Kiss
Kids Talking to Giant
People Deboarding Rhine Falls Tourist Boat
Girls Dancing
Girl being Photographed
Duck Biting Boy

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